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We carry forming materials and also decorative supplies. We have stains, stamps, rebar, tools for contractors & homeowners.

Concrete Specialty Supply

Willie - Concrete Specialty Supply Mascot


Since 2012, Concrete Specialty Supply has provided quality products & services as the leading Clark County Distributor of Concrete Materials. They are a family owned and run business – including the family dog Willie as the company mascot.

Mark and Jennifer run a family owned business that has been in Battle Ground since 2012. Mark has over 20 years of experience in the industry.  Their two sons, Jacob and Nathan also help in the business.

Concrete Specialty Supply provides supplies for everyone from contractors to DIY homeowners.  They always try to get what the customer is needing, even if they have to find it and bring it into the store for that customer.

Is that really concrete?

We get asked that question about our store counter.  Our store counter top is a concrete slab that looks like a wood slab. We have created the illusion of wood using products we sell at the store.

One of Mark’s sons, Nathan and several customers helped paint the front of the counter to complete the northwest look at it currently has.  Our business is truly a labor of love from our entire family.

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